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Long Jeep tours in the Negev Desert

The Negev

As you turn the pages of travel book looking through images of Israel, you're probably looking forward to visiting these famous places you've heard so much about Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, the Sea of Galilee and other. But if you want your visit to Israel to be complete, your travel plane must include the Negev a majestic place whose unspoilt expanses have been quietly waiting for your visiting since the dawn of time.
The Negev is a place where you can see and touch bibbacl and ancient history, explore awesome sites on foot or vehicle. It is a place where you breathe intoxicating desert air and photograph spectacular images. It is place you came to get away from it all.
Travel the Negev road, and you'll see the remains of ancient cities built by great culture which inhabited the Negev for tens of thousand of years. Ride or walk its trails and riverbed, learn about wildlife and desert planes, and then drive into pool of water for refreshing, rise at dawn and watch morning sun paint the desert with thousand colors a scene so beautiful you're watching the Creation itself.
The Negev is a place of splendor which our tours will help you to discover. Within 12,000 Km's square in southern Israel and accounting approximately 50% of Israel land area, lie diversifield landscapes, attractions and vast playground for activity such Petra-Tours tours.
Nature created the Negev ideal in size. It large enough to encompass a wide variety of landscapes, geological phenomena, plants and animals, yet small enough to be highly traversable and habitable. Here, you need not travel days to arrive at points of interest: spectacular canyon, refreshing springs, adventure desert tours, as well as numerous sites of unique geological phenomena are located no more then short time drive from each other.
Any one who's spent a few days in the desert will tell you that it seems as if the days and nights are longer here. In a way, they really are. The desert is very much alive, but it live and function at its own relaxed pace. After you've been here for a day ore two, you will feel its amazing effects heightening your senses and introducing you to joyous scents, flavor and emotions the likes of which you've hardly hever experienced before.

Negev Long tours  

Test of the Negev - 2 days tour Jeep and hike

In the day before refrigeration when food was preserved in salt, spices were a necessity and commanded high prices.
In the first century BCE, the Nabatean developed a secret route across the Negev, along witch they could transport the spices of East to the harbors of the Mediterranean sea. Camel caravans made their way crossing the Negev Desert, benefiting calmness and sedate of Desert Inn - the "spice route caravanserais"
Today the bustle of spice route is gone, but we can still explore its canyons, mountain passes and ancient caravan stop and water cistern.

In this tour we will go along the pursuance of those Nabatean the "master of the desert" expiring part of their skill in movement and crossing arid area.
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Deep in the Negev - 3-5 days tour Jeep, hike and site

This program combines journeys in 4wd vehicle with walking treks, mainly in the Negev Highlands. This area, constituting the center of the Negev, include wide open space together with unique features such as the huge crater these were formed over the millennia by strata collapses, erosion and sediment deposit. They are kind of open windows onto the bowels of the earth that has no parallel elsewhere. Since the Negev Highland rise above the adjacent Arava Valley, wide wadis have developed throughout the age's amount of water to to Arava during floods. These are the largest streams in Israel. Nahal Tzin, Nahal Nekarot and Nahal Faran. In the course of the tour, we will be able to "feel" the power of streaming water digging deep into the rock, joining the other power of nature to create the large craters. In addition to these natural phenomena, the Negev has always been a dry land bridge between North and South and East and West. Hence, the tour will take participants not only to arid, wild open landscapes, but also through green oasises and ancient historical sites, remnants of powerful culture, which reigned, over this land of transit. In this tour we will go along the pursuance of those Nabatean the "master of the desert" expiring part of their skill in movement and crossing arid area.
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Jeep tours in the Negev and Judean Desert
Jeep tours in the Negev and Judean Desert
Jeep tours in the Negev and Judean Desert
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