Jeep tours in the Judean Desert  

Judean desert, large plateau, deep canyons, salt rock and Dead Sea 

Judean desert, large plateau, deep canyons, salt rocks and Dead Sea
Full day Jeep tour
Full day tours From Arad to Ein Bokek, diversifieds in views and levels, this track lead to the Dead Sea. From plus 650 m above the sea level to minus 400 m below sea level, trough Judean desrt, the smallest desert in the world.
Drive to Zohar Mountain where scenic view of the Judean Desert Plateau and the Dead Sea Valley laying below. By old path we get down to the Desert Plateau up to Hatrurim fortress, an old Roman residue from the time that caravans made their way to the Dead Sea and Adom Mountain. Next, the road takes us to amazing observation rise up 500 meter above the Dead Sea, were the Etekim precipice will appear dragged to north and south, separate between the deep blew Dead sed and the desert colored plateau. We continue our day by drivind along and above one of the Judean Desert biggest canyon - Nahal Hymar, which cross its track down to the Dead sea all the distance from the Negev Highland trough deep and dramatic gorge. Last part of this tour bring us inside the Dead Sea valley, for drive along the Sedom mountain passing through Sedom Wadi, were beautiful formation of hard salt rock will flank from east, and white soft chalk and green clay layers will appear form west.
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Judean desert, large plateau, deep canyons, salt rock and Dead Sea
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