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Jeep tours in the Negev Desert
Jeep tours in the Judean Desert

"Petra Tours" offers wide range of routes, befitting the great experience the company has accumulated.
The routes represent a board array of singular, natural phenomena, in some of the loveliest landscapes in the country, containing historical sites, remains of the cultures that were once based in the Negev, Judean and Sinai deserts. Our tours are escorted by experienced field guides who work with individuals as well as group.
The tours are suitable for families, teenagers of all ages, and overseas tourists. Participation does not involve physical hardship.

Short Jeep tours are full day or less duration, mainly leads to local sites and attractions. Short hikes can be combining with off road tracks, bringing deeper desert feeling.
Our location at the Negev Highlands permits the inclusion of short Jeep Tours to local sites; on route to Mitzpe Ramon or Eilat.
Short Jeep tours are focused on the main nature attractions in the Negev and Judean Desert, as well as exploring along ancients trail, telling us absorbing stories.
Several routes itineraries, as example, can be found here-below. Itineraries represent different areas of the Negev and Judean desert, comprise variant landscape and interesting.

Negev jeep tours  

Ein Akev and Ein Zik oasis and springs

Jeep Tour to Ein Akev and Ein Zik through the Tzin Wadi basin, which located in the Negev Highland.
This tour combining a visit to oasis and springs with the possibility of springs bathing. This trip passes beside the unique landscape of Htzinim cliff foot, which divides between Avdat plateau and Tzin Valley, where layers of soft green clay soil invader from the cliff as huge fingers handful the Tzin Valley margin.
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East of Ramon Crater

Jeep Tour to eastern part of Ramon Crater which located in the Negev Highland. This side is the most painting, colorful and diversity part of this huge crater.
This jeep tour combines a spectacular view and observations, driving trough exciting off-road way, geological observation to the "Secrets of mountain's bowels" and if we will be lucky, we will experience meeting with wild animals in their own natural environment.
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The Nabatean Spice Route

From the starting point Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev Highland to the Arava, the road takes us through one of the most beautiful and striking landscapes in Israel. This is a picturesque and interesting jeep track and tour.
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Derb el Sultan

This is another antique road crossing the Negev Desert in its entire width, from the Arava area through the Hamakhmal Heights.
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From West to East through the Ramon Crater

This round trip is made to get acquainted with the Makhtesh (Crater) Ramon the biggest crater of its type worldwide, located in the Negev Desert.
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Lower Part of Wadi Zin, Waterholes and Sources

Very difficult road, along water passes and rugged land of white chalk and dark flint, near the mountain ridges of Khatira in the Negev, hundreds of meters above in the wilderness.
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Mount Karkom - Mount of God ?

Jeep Tour to Karkom Mountain is extraordinary tour in many aspect means. Far away and cut off from the main roads, includes long hike, wild and unique nature of the Negev highland and historical story that descend to the root of Jewish history - Matan Torah, the revelation on Mt. Sinai.
Jeep Tour to Karkom Mountain, a large spacious Mountain which located in the southern Negev, is first of all an experience of Desert trip, to the sereneness and wide space, far from civilization signs, far as far can be in a small country. This is a trip to the Nomad land and pasture country and culture. This is a fascinating trip to colossal cult centers; consider being the biblical "Mount Sinai".
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Judean desert jeep tours  

Judean desert, large plateau, deep canyons, salt rocks and Dead Sea

Full day tours From Arad to Ein Bokek, diversifieds in views and levels, this track lead to the Dead Sea. From plus 650 m above the sea level to minus 400 m below sea level, trough Judean desrt, the smallest desert in the world.
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Jeep tours in the Negev and Judean Desert
Jeep tours in the Negev and Judean Desert
Jeep tours in the Negev and Judean Desert
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